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Writing English is Just Like Riding a Bike

So, you’re wondering if grade 12 university-level English should be a requirement for going into any post secondary program eh? Well let me give you some insight about why it should be a requirement because in my opinion it is and essential course to have going into post secondary.

I mean who am I kidding, were living in Canada where our first national language is English!! This alone should be enough reason as to why we should learn and study the language because come on, we all gotta be able to speak and write in the language correctly with proper grammar. A lot of people would argue with that because they say that we already speak the language so why learn it. well that because in the future, even if not pursuing a path in English, it is important to know how to write with proper grammar for essays, labs, etc. for whatever program that you wish to continue in in university or collage. Even looking further in the future, when done with post secondary, you would need to be able to build a proper résumé when applying for a career in any field that you may have chosen. This is because your résumé gives the first impression to the employers as to who you are and how organized you may be. If someone else in the same field as you were applying to the same job as you who happens to have the same experience as you, the employers would most likely hire whoever has the more organized and grammatically correct résumé.

Learning how to properly write is like learning how to dance. The more practice you do for a move, the more your muscles get used to the motion. Same goes for writing, the more you learn and the more you write, the more writing with proper grammar becomes second nature to the extant that you do not think about when to use commas, colons, and other punctuation or even when to use two, to, ore too. Sometime after a long period of time that goes by without me reading I feel like vie gotten slower at reading or I’ve forgotten entirely how to read but not until I pick up a book and start reading is that I come to realize I haven’t forgotten it at all and I haven’t gotten slower. Just like riding a bike for the first time after a long winter!

English is big part of our lives and we will always b using the language till the end of time in our school years and in our future careers and even in the future when teaching our future kids. The English language will always play a big role in our lifetime which why I do believe that the grade twelve university-level English course should be a requirement for entry into any program in post secondary school.